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Preventative Safety Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

Public and private buildings must go through routine maintenance and inspection to ensure they meet proper safety standards. By neglecting these safety measures, you jeopardize the health and well-being of everyone working in your building. Know the preventative safety maintenance for commercial buildings to be better informed about the precautions you must take and know where to focus your efforts.

HVAC System

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) is responsible for controlling the climate and airflow of the property. Without this, the interior conditions of your building may become uncomfortable, or in the worst-case scenarios, make it a safety hazard to work in.

What Is the Importance of HVAC?

Your HVAC maintains a warm environment during colder months and a cooler one during summer. Without compensating for the seasonal weather, your building will grow uncomfortably hot or cold depending on the season. Ventilation does more than circulate air—it also filters out small particles that can prove harmful to people.

What You Need To Do

Ensure every air vent has proper flow and that there are no pressure imbalances between rooms. Replace your air filters regularly to prevent the buildup of sediment, which can harm the air circulation process and stop the system from filtering the air.

Backflow Preventer

Every building needs a supply of water, and the way in which many buildings accomplish this is through the use of a backflow preventer. These preventers ensure that the water going into your building does not flow in the opposite direction, moving away from your facility and decreasing the water flow. 

What Is The Importance Of Backflow Preventers?

You must maintain the proper flow of water so that your building has the right amount of water pressure. The importance of this pressure affects many aspects, from the drinking water to the sprinkler system; if the pressure were to falter, your sprinklers might not have enough power to extinguish flames before they spread. 

What You Need To Do

Enlist the service of a professional to service and inspect for any faulty components. Two of the Common signs include reduced pressure in your building and leaking water from the backflow preventer itself.

Never Neglect Maintenance

When instituting proper safety maintenance for your commercial building, the most important part is sticking to the service schedule you set out. It’s all too easy to put off necessary repairs for several days or weeks, but the system in question can fail in that time and cause long-lasting damage to property and people. Always perform service checks and seek out professionals to maintain your critical systems.

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