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Professional Organizer in NYC’s 5 Favorite Organizing Products from the NAPO Conference


conferencelogoI have just returned from Los Angeles where I attended the 30th NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference. One focus of the conference was shared during the opening keynote address by The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. As a result of a series of life events, they both decided to significantly simplify their lives and started by shedding much of the excess that was cluttering their lives and homes. As we’ve been focusing on spring decluttering your home and your office here at The Organizing Zone, this was incredibly timely and another reminder to give thought to how your life might be better if you had fewer possessions.

In keeping with tradition, this Professional Organizer in NYC has chosen her 5 favorite products or services that were promoted at this year’s product expo and wanted to share them with you. The selections featured include options for both home and office.


NEET Cable Keeperm

Cable Keeper:

This is the perfect solution for controlling the cable clutter behind your home media center, at your desk or in your tote bag or briefcase. The Cable Keeper is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It features a zipper closure which makes it easy to securely contain one or more cables and will protect all cables against unnecessary wear and tear.



Cash in my Bag


Unlike a traditional consignment store, CashinMyBag will buy used designer handbags, accessories, jewelry, shoes and watches outright and then sell them on their site and others. Suitable items can be sent to CashinMyBag using the provided prepaid shipping label. Pending a review and appraisal process, a final offer is made and payment sent within 24 hours. If you decide not to proceed with selling your items, they will be returned to you at no charge.



Pliio Storage Box for Clothing Filers

Pliio Clothing Filer:

The Pliio Clothing Filer will help you get your dresser drawers organized. Insert the Pliio Clothing Filer as you fold everything from t-shirts to sweaters to scarves. Once folded around the Filer, your clothing can be stored vertically in drawers as well as horizontally on shelves. Pack your clothing with the Pliio Clothing Filer inserted and you will have wrinkle free ready to wear clothing once you reach your destination. Laundry day can be a family affair as you can use the Pliio Clothing Filer to teach your children how to fold their clothes.



Pendaflex CopySafe Privacy File Jacket

Pendaflex CopySafe Privacy File Jacket:

This is an ideal way to conceal the contents of documents containing sensitive or confidential information that otherwise might get mixed in with the paper clutter on your desk. The unique design on the exterior of the Pendaflex CopySafe Privacy File Jacket masks the information contained within making it difficult to read through the file jacket. This is ideal for documents that need to be kept on a desktop in an open office floorplan environment with minimal storage.



Garde Robe

Garde Robe:

Garde Robe provides wardrobe storage, valet and organization services. This is the ideal solution for storing off season clothing, footwear and accessories especially when closet space is at a premium. On demand pickup and delivery services are available for all items. Upon receipt, they are photographed, catalogued and stored in a customized cyber closet. Clients have 24/7 visual access to their “closet”.

These are just a handful of the solutions designed to help you live a simplified and decluttered life. The first step, as your Professional Organizer in NYC has been sharing, is to start by getting rid of the items in your home that no longer serve a purpose. Have you parted with anything from your home or office yet this spring? I’d love to hear from you!

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