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Professional Organizer in NYC’s 5 Tips to a Stress Free Office Move

Moving is not only a large project but also very disruptive making it quite stressful! The key to organizing any project, including an office move, is to create a plan and use strategic organizing tips to help keep you organized and efficient. Here are five office organizing ideas from this Professional Organizer to help make moving your office less stressful.

Plan early. Typically, you have a few months to plan your an office move. Use that time wisely and create an organized approach that covers all of your bases. Start by setting up a binder if you’re a paper person or document and email folders on your computer if you prefer a digital solution. Collect all relevant documents such as your office move checklist, notes from your conversation with your real estate broker or future landlord, receipts and an inventory list of the items that are being moved.

Gather your supplies. There’s nothing worse than having to stop a task midway through because you ran out of key supplies. Review the various stages of your office move checklist to identify the supplies that may be needed so that you can check your on hand inventory and order accordingly. As preparing to move provides a good opportunity to box up old files for offsite storage, be sure to check your supply of archive boxes. In addition, determine the amount/type of packing materials that your mover will be providing so that you can limit your purchases accordingly.

Pack with a plan. It’s important to use your office move checklist as a guide in regards to when specific items should be packed. Packing the items you use daily several weeks in advance doesn’t make sense, but waiting until the last minute to pack isn’t a good idea, either! Instead, create a plan that allows you to be strategic and pack in stages. Pack specialty items and non-essentials in advance. Save those daily essentials to closer to moving day.

Label everything. This is the key to a stressful office move. Decide on a labeling system and stick with it! Be sure the owner of the contents of each box is clearly noted on each carton as well as the room designation. Depending on your office space, you may even consider using color coded labels, where a specific color is assigned to each room. Even in a smaller office move, labeling your boxes is imperative as it will allow you to find any items you may need right away quickly.

Change your address. This is an important step to have on your office move checklist. Notify your colleagues, vendors, and clients of your new office address and when you will be starting business in the new space. You don’t want to potentially lose any business because your clients aren’t sure where you are, so provide them with notice and make it easy for them to find you! You can use many web-based tools to make this easier – including sending out automated cards and creating signs with directions to your new space. Don’t forget to change your address on your website and social media accounts, too!

As you prepare for an office move, you will undoubtedly feel stressed to complete tasks and run your business at the same time. Make it easier on yourself by using these simple office organizing tips. When you need more hands on help with your office move, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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