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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Favorite Products at NAPO 2016

It was barely 7AM on Sunday morning and I was sitting in the Atlanta airport on my way home from the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference waiting for my husband to get through security. As Jay had a 45 minute wait (unlike me who was pre-checked and made it through security in under 10 minutes!), I started to reflect on the highlights of this year’s gathering.

This was my 8th conference and it didn’t disappoint. Among the takeaways was keynote speaker Scott Greenberg’s message that the “greatest joy in life isn’t in the getting but in the giving” which resonated on many levels. In addition, there were many thought provoking sessions. One of particular interest focused on time management and presenter Mike Vardy’s mandate to “capture everything, regret nothing” and then to apply time theming to manage all of the tasks that need to be done. And, of course there was everyone’s favorite… the product expo. In keeping with tradition, your Professional Organizer in NYC has included a sampling of the offerings for both home and office in this week’s blog.

Height Adjustable Desks-Bush Business Furniture
Height adjustable desks are a very popular option in today’s offices. They provide a flexible, healthy and ergonomic option and can work well in open plan or private offices. The height can range from 23″ to 49″.

Attic Flooring-Lock & Roll
Convert your attic into usable storage space with this easy to install attic flooring which can quickly be customized to the exact size of your attic. The flooring is mold, mildew, water, and termite proof and eliminates the need for (and cost of) outside storage.

Organize Earbud Cords-Neet Products
Stop wasting time untangling your earbud cords. Zip the cords into one of these colorful casings, wind the cord up and you’ll be able to quickly plug into your phone for a call or to listen to your favorite tunes.

Craft Storage (and more!)-Creative Options
This company offers a very extensive line-up of functional, affordable products for storing all types of craft supplies (knitting, kid’s crafts, painting, jewelry making, etc.). Their storage cases, racks and trays are both stylish and well-made. With a little creative thinking, you are sure to find many more applications for them.

Reinforced Hanging Folders-Pendaflex
These are great when you need to organize paperwork! These hanging folders have reinforced top edges and longer plastic hooks with built in tension springs so they will grip the file cabinet rails and slide more easily. These folders are more durable and are ideal for frequently accessed files.

If you have tried any of these products or have used other similar products, please share your comments with me. When you are ready for a more hands on strategy to incorporate items like these into your space, reach out to your Professional Organizer in NYC!

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