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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Office Unpacking Tips

When you enter into your new space after an office move, you may be overwhelmed with all of the work ahead of you. The next item on your office move checklist? Unpack. In order to get back to work you need a productive workspace, which means you must be box free and able to find the items you need during your work day. But where do you start? Here are some unpacking tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC.

Set up furniture. The first step to creating your new office is making sure that your plan for the furniture layout works. Pay attention to windows and lighting, making sure you have enough light to work but also aren’t getting a glare on your computer screen. Be sure that your desk is positioned so that it is easily accessed. You’ll need to note outlets so that you can connect your computer and other equipment. Focus on this step first so you aren’t shuffling furniture around after you’ve unpacked boxes.

Set up the tech pieces. Once you have your furniture moved in, it’s time to install all of your technical equipment. If you have an IT team, great! Follow their lead here. If you are installing, then establish locations for each item. Make sure in setting up your computer that you have enough space to work. Put devices you access multiple times a day closest to your workspace, and equipment you use less frequently can be less accessible.

Organize your desk. Once your furniture is in position, your next focus should be your work area. Unpack the items that go into your desk drawers, putting the most used items in the most convenient locations. Keep current work easily available as you unpack. Set up items that may go on your desk, such as your inbox and phone, remembering to keep your workspace as clear as possible.

Unpack your less used items. Things like books, reference materials, and archived files can be the last items that you put away. Though these items are less often used, it’s important to schedule time to unpack them so that you can rid your new office space of unnecessary clutter.

The most important thing to remember during the entire office moving process is to be patient. The entire process can take much longer than you would like and unpacking can feel overwhelming. Following these office move strategies will help you get unpacked and productive in your new space in no time! Want more hands on help creating an office move checklist and planning your moving strategy? Reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC!

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