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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Tips to Organize Business Cards

As you attend networking events and make connections with colleagues and potential clients, you are likely to start accumulating quite a collection of business cards! Don’t let those cards overwhelm you or your office space. Instead, use these tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC to help keep your business cards organized.

Have a place to put the cards as you receive them. If you aren’t prepared to receive business cards, you’ll end up tossing them in your pocket, your bag, or stuck in a notebook. Designate a space or pocket in a binder or bag for business cards that you receive, or purchase a business card carrier that you can use to store your own cards to share as well as those that you receive. Keep them together so they don’t go missing.

Use a card holder if you prefer to keep the actual cards. Keeping collected business cards in one place that you can easily locate when you need to search for contact info is important. You can purchase business card holders that will fit many different spaces and aesthetics. You can try something like this acrylic box, a binder, or a card file. You can sort your business cards alphabetically or by profession. Another tip: write on the card where and when you met that person. This will help you keep a name to the face when you look back through your cards. Most important, clean out the container every 6 months to make room for new cards.

Add the information to your contacts. What good is a business card if you aren’t using it to connect with people? When you receive the card, log the person’s name and contact information into your phone, your address book, or your email contacts. Make a note of who that person is or where you met them.

Go digital. You don’t need to keep every business card that crosses your path! Instead, there are several digital options available that will allow you to scan business cards so you can save all of the information without saving the actual card. Evernote offers a business card scanning option. You can also try out apps like CircleBack, which also allows you to export the details into the CRM program Salesforce or an Excel sheet, or WorldCard Mobile that integrates with iCloud and Dropbox.

Business cards are an important piece of live networking, and you want to be able to use the connections you make to your advantage! Don’t lose potential opportunities because you misplaced an important business card. If you need more hands on help managing office paperwork, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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