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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Tips to Declutter Your Home Office

How do you deal with clutter in your home office? As you know, one of the keys to being productive and efficient in the office is working in an organized space. Clutter can pile up quickly, and even faster in your home workspace! With the added distractions of family members and household chores that need your attention, the last thing you need is to deal with more clutter in your office. Organizing a home office can feel overwhelming, but these tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC will help you to regain control and create an efficient home office space.

Step 1: Remove what doesn’t belong
A key problem when organizing a home office is dealing with a space that becomes a “catch all.” Often times, items end up in your home office that just do not belong. Start by searching the room and collecting all items that need to be stored elsewhere in your home. Purses, shoes, used coffee cups should be collected and moved to where they belong.

Step 2: Dispose of what isn’t used
There’s no point in storing items that you aren’t used. This just adds to the clutter! Instead, recycle, donate, or trash those items that are broken or no longer being used. Old laptops, household items that you’ve been storing, books that aren’t going to be read again. Don’t waste your valuable space on items that aren’t serving you or your business.

Step 3: Keep your desk clear
If you have a clear, clutter-free desk, you will have a place to work that immediately allows you to be productive. You won’t have to shuffle papers to find a clear spot to work, won’t be distracted by miscellaneous mail that has collected, and you’ll know exactly where a pen is when you need one. So clear your desk off and leave only the important items related to the task at hand within reach.

Step 4: Here’s the key to decluttering – give every item a home.
Don’t wait to put back that file you were looking at or the stapler that you used – when you are done using them, put them back where they belong. If your space is limited, practice the one in, one out rule. When you bring in a new item to your home office space assign it a spot and immediately remove something that is used less frequently.

Step 5: Schedule maintenance appointments
Clutter has a way of sneaking back into a space. So book time on your calendar every 3 months to assess your office space and clear the excess that has accumulated.

Clutter in your home office equates to a lack of productivity and efficiency. By organizing a home office, you’ll be setting yourself up for success! Need more hands on help? Reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC!

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