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Reasons Your Office Needs an Automatic Shredding Machine

Information security is non-negotiable. But it can be hard to maintain when you have a lot of important paperwork. Shredding paper by hand isn’t enough. There are a few reasons why your office needs an automatic shredding machine today.

Following Guidelines

If your job requires you to handle and safely dispose of information, you may be breaking those guidelines if you’re not using an automatic shredder. Shredding mitigates any chance of someone holding you liable for an information leak.

Boxes and trashcans filled with paper are also a huge fire hazard, especially if they’re by your desk or in a walkway. You can eliminate unnecessary piles of paper with a paper shredder.

Saving Space

Many offices manage a large amount of paperwork that can’t fit into boxes or desks. With more information transferring to digital, getting rid of excess paper is a must to save on storage. Recycling also helps save space by nixing the need for large trashcans.

It also helps you save space in your filing cabinets. With a shredder, you can store more relevant and recent information that can’t be stored digitally. Don’t let old documents that you don’t need take up excessive space.

Securing Sensitive Information

A shredder can break down paper better than you can with your hands. Shredders make it difficult to piece together the paperwork because everything gets mixed together with other shredded documents. If you must break down more paper at once or any thick credit cards, it breaks down the information into much smaller pieces than if done by hand.

It’s also much faster than shredding multiple documents by hand, especially if your workplace doesn’t have a print shop with an industrial shredder.

The importance of paper shredding shouldn’t go unnoticed. These are just a few of the many reasons why your office needs an automatic shredding machine. So free up space, prevent legal issues, and head to your local office supply store today.

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