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Reasons Your Office Needs an Automatic Shredding Machine

Information security is non-negotiable. But it can be hard to maintain when you have a lot of important paperwork. Shredding paper by hand isn’t enough. There are a few reasons why your office needs an automatic shredding machine today. Following Guidelines If your job requires you to handle and safely dispose of information, you may be breaking… Continue Reading »

How To Keep Paper Records Safe

While it seems like everything is digital these days, there’s still a need for paper copies of certain records and documents. Unlike digital records, physical copies take up space and demand greater protection. Disasters can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, wiping out years of information. But with the proper steps and preparation, that doesn’t need to… Continue Reading »

Getting your Paperwork Organized for a Transition-Case Study

Getting your paperwork organized can be a challenging project. The piles can be overwhelming and then there are the decisions that need to be made. To keep or toss? This process is much more of a challenge when you are facing one of life’s transitions. This was the case for my client’s mother who is… Continue Reading »

Organize Your Tax Paperwork to Simplify Filing NY Returns

Whether you prepare your own personal or business taxes or enlist a professional, following these recommendations from a professional organizer in NY to organize your tax paperwork ahead of time can make the process more efficient and perhaps even save you some money.

Organizing Holiday Gifts To Help You Get Organized, Be Safe, Go Green

Whether or not you have joined the droves of shoppers this past weekend who have started (or maybe even completed) their holiday shopping, there is always that last minute grab bag gift or stocking stuffer that is needed.  As you get organized, focusing on what to buy is sometimes more time consuming than actually shopping… Continue Reading »

Home Office Organizing in NYC – 9 Essentials for a Productive Space

Setting up a truly functional home office in a NYC apartment can be quite the challenge especially since very few New York homeowners can devote an entire room to office space.   In the majority of cases, the home office is in a shared space which also serves as a bedroom, den/guestroom or living room.  In… Continue Reading »