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Setting Up and Organizing a Home Office Space

My first tip for organizing a home office is to create a designated workspace. One perk to working at home is that you can be flexible and work from truly anywhere in your home – from the dining room table, the living room couch, or even from your front porch. However, to stay organized and productive, you need to have a space solely dedicated to work so that you can store all files and supplies as well as have a quiet place to work when needed. A dedicated space will increase your productivity. Here are this Professional Organizer in NYC’s tips to creating a home office space.

Choose a space. If you have a spare bedroom, this is the perfect space for a home office. If you don’t, choose a space that is away from the main flow of your household, that is quiet, and has a level of privacy. You want the space to be somewhere where you can go and easily turn off the noise and distractions from your family or roommate. A room with a door that allows you to shut out the distractions is ideal.

Personalize your space. Unlike being assigned to a plain cubicle with limited space, use your creativity to give your home office some personality! Hang up some fun artwork, pick a funky color for your window treatments, or bring in a few of your favorite knickknacks. Bring in some candles with your favorite scent. Before you add too much flair to your space, remember that the primary focus of your home office is to work and be productive. So as you choose items, make sure they serve a purpose and won’t become a distraction.

Create a thinking space. One perk to organizing a home office is that you aren’t confined to the small spaces found in a corporate office. In your home office, you can create multiple spaces to fulfill different needs. For example, creating a clear space for your desk is your first priority, as you need a main workspace to do your work. But you can also create a space for brainstorming, thinking, and reading. A big comfy chair, a small table for your coffee, and some good lighting can provide a creative space that is separate from your main workspace, but just as important.

Pick furniture that functions in the space. Find a desk that fits your space and allows you the room you need to work. Make sure you have a desk chair with proper back support and that fits your desk. Creating storage with filing cabinets and bookshelves is important, so consider the your needs as well as the size of your space as you choose these pieces. Another thought to consider – if you plan on videoconferencing, think about making sure the wall behind your desk is professional looking and will serve as a non-distracting backdrop for your calls.

Think tech. Efficiency is important in organizing a home office. But think about your space and your needs before buying all of the big fancy equipment. Do you really need a large printer in your space? If you aren’t often printing, think about ditching the printer and utilizing your local office store for printing and copying needs. Go wireless when you can so that you don’t have wires running all over your space and have the freedom of printing from more than the just the desk. Make sure your equipment is working well and consider investing in insurance on your equipment. When you work from home, your computer is your life source, and without the benefit of an on-site tech crew, you need to be prepared for moments when things aren’t working.

Creating a functioning and organized home office space is important, especially when you work from home full-time. You need your space to be set up for maximum productivity. Want more hands on help creating a home office space that works for you? Reach out to your Professional Organizer in NYC!

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