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Small Space Mindset Starts with Clearing Clutter

In my recent blog, I shared how I was adopting a small space mindset even when working at a full-size desk. I encouraged everyone to assess their own spaces and consider doing the same. A major part of embracing a small space mindset starts with clearing clutter on and around your desk. The goal is to limit the stuff to only the essentials which are that handful of items used daily. Left behind are the piles, memorabilia, random office supplies and the like.

All of these can become visual distractions that catch your attention as you sit staring at your computer screen focusing on work tasks. Studies have shown that it can take up to 25 minutes to return to the task you were working on before you got distracted.  That’s a lot of time if this happens 3-4 times a day!

As there are enough other distractions, don’t let the unnecessary, no longer needed stuff be part of the problem. It’s time to clear this clutter. This will not only minimize the distractions but can also set you up to embrace the small space mindset…a win-win.

To Clear the Clutter

1. Schedule Time… Recognize the value of removing the excess and don’t risk distractions taking chunks of time out of your day. Block time on your calendar and be committed to reducing the stuff down to the essentials.

2.  Be Systematic…. Start at one end of your desk and systematically work your way across the space. This way you won’t overlook items that have taken root that you otherwise no longer see.

3. Make Decisions…. Remember that your productivity is on the line and the goal is to remove as many of the distractions as possible. Make a list of the true essentials and use it as a guide for what stays and what goes.

I encourage you to assess your workspace, determine what’s essential and remove the rest. Remember a small space mindset starts with clearing clutter. If you have any questions concerning how to get started, let’s talk.

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