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Smart Tips for Keeping Your Car Organized

Though you’re probably not heading to work right now, it’s a good opportunity to use this downtime to get organized. Good organizing skills can transfer to all areas of your life—if your room’s cluttered with stuff, your car’s probably the same. Then there’s a good chance you may carry that same disorganization into the office. The more you can take control of all areas of your life and organize, the better for your life, both personally and professionally. Check out these tips for keeping your car organized and make sure that you’re bringing organization into all areas of your life!

Organize Regularly

Even with working from home now, having daily priorities and a schedule for getting them addressed is important. Focusing on getting better organized and developing some new habits is a good goal especially while we are on pause. This is a great time to organize your car. By doing this, you’ll save more time in the long run and you won’t have to spend a whole afternoon cleaning out your car. Make car organization just as much a part of your routine as wiping down your office every week.

Store Car Necessities Properly

As we mentioned, organization travels. For example, if you work on your car a lot, whether it’s the engine or the wheels, then your garage storage needs to be organized and maintained. Take your tires, for instance. You need to follow guidelines on properly storing tires both in the garage and in your car. If your spare tire is just rolling around in the trunk, this is a problem. Make sure you have everything for changing a spare stowed together in the car and that any insurance papers and the like are neatly put away.

Get Rid of Trash Right Away

Staying at home provides a good opportunity to clean out your car. When it comes to tips for spring cleaning your car, it’s essential to get rid of trash immediately. This is a tip that you should apply no matter where you are. Whether you’re in your car, in the office, or in the kitchen, you need to get rid of trash right away. An office gets disorganized when papers that are no longer needed stay on the desk or in the drawer. Cars get cluttered when wrappers and beverage containers roll around on the floor. Once you’re done with something, get rid of it; don’t let it clutter up the space.

Think About Car Minimalism

The less you bring into your car, the less you have to clean out of your car. As we are driving less these days, keeping our cars orderly should be easy once they have been spring cleaned and organized. Try to limit the items that you bring into the car, whether it be food or cords. This tip applies to all spaces…the less you add to a space, the less time you’ll need to spend on decluttering it.  Think about car minimalism and hopefully that will translate into fewer items being removed and brought into your office or home.

Keep Some Tricks Up Your Sleeve

Keeping some car organization hacks up your sleeve will also save you time. Set these up now while your car is spending more time parked and you’ll be ready for when life returns to the new normal.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Garbage bags in Kleenex boxes
  • Muffin liners in cup holders
  • Shoe organizers hanging on back seats

Keep your car organized and clean and apply these same concepts to other areas of your life as well!

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