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Home Organizing is a Team Sport When Working From Home

It’s going to be 73 degrees in NYC today and it’s almost the middle of November.  This is just another example of how crazy life is this year.  There is at least one constant in our lives… our homes still need to be kept organized. This is more of a challenge than ever with working… Continue Reading »

Why Does Clutter Cause Stress?

Even though we are well past the lockdown, many are still working from home and new routines have evolved. With all that is going on, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with mental clutter as well as the stuff that has started piling up around you. Tackling the clutter that is collecting may not… Continue Reading »

Decluttering Tips for When Life Happens

We’ve all been there. Life happened and our office, closet, living room, or (fill in the blank) is crowded with piles of papers, books, and stuff.  This doesn’t happen overnight, though the piles can multiply like rabbits!  In these cases, we have been addressing a situation that has taken over daily life for the short… Continue Reading »

Smart Tips for Keeping Your Car Organized

Though you’re probably not heading to work right now, it’s a good opportunity to use this downtime to get organized. Good organizing skills can transfer to all areas of your life—if your room’s cluttered with stuff, your car’s probably the same. Then there’s a good chance you may carry that same disorganization into the office…. Continue Reading »

Conquer the Clutter – 4 Simple Steps from the Professional Organizer in NYC

  You want simplicity and calm in your home. We all do! You know that decluttering is the first step, but sometimes just figuring out where to start can be completely overwhelming! The key is getting rid of items you don’t use and putting everything else in its own space. Sounds simple, right? It truly… Continue Reading »

Spring Home Organizing Tips

There’s something about spring that makes us want to clean out and clear out. In spring we want to declutter! Maybe it’s the open windows, warmer air and sunshine that cast new light on all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the cold winter months, just begging for spring decluttering. Take advantage of the urge… Continue Reading »