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Storage Containers to Control Clutter

The holiday season is in full swing, which may mean that new stuff is filling up your home at a fast pace:  gifts, catalogs, holiday cards and goodies, decorations, outerwear accessories and more can quickly overwhelm your countertops, tables, bookcases and closets. Where do you put it all? Or perhaps in decorating for the holidays, you may have found that the containers storing your decorations are inadequate, inefficient or showing signs of significant wear. And of course as we roll toward January 1, many of you have “get organized” at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions. This NYC professional organizer recommends storage containers – to the rescue! The right storage containers are great organizing solutions to help control clutter and clean up your space, either at home or in your office.

Before you rush out to buy a cart-full of storage containers,  professional organizers in NYC recommend taking some time to plan. Start small – one closet, your office bookcase, the kitchen pantry, the bathroom vanity cabinet. Measure your space so you’ll know how many and what size boxes and bins you’ll be able to use.  Make a detailed list of the items you need to organize and store (20 pairs of socks, 50 trade magazines, 200 Christmas ornaments, etc.) and their sizes. Now you’re ready to start shopping.

There are nearly as many storage containers as there items to be stored in them. What you purchase depends largely on where you’re going to use the containers to control clutter. Decorative containers such as baskets or fabric-covered totes work well in highly visible areas. Sturdy, covered containers are well-suited to storing items in areas without well-controlled climates, such as an attic, basement or garage. Budget-priced plastic containers are good organizing solutions for closets, cabinets and under beds.

A few favorites of NYC professional organizer, The Organizing Zone included:

Rubbermaid Bento Boxes – While storage boxes help control clutter, the items the inside becomes disorganized, making it difficult to find what you need. The Bento Boxes have internal flex dividers to create unique sections when needed. Boxes stack vertically and fit inside each other. The Bento Collection is made from sturdy materials with heavy-duty decorative fabric making them attractive in high-visibility areas.

Roughneck Storage Boxes are made with a durable polyethylene material to withstand harsh temperatures that go from hot to cold.

Clever Store Totes have a straight wall design that means they can hold 14% more than other containers in the same space. This space efficient design also allows containers to fit effectively in more spaces such as storage closets, coat closets and more.

Decorative Bins and Baskets come in a variety of colors, patterns and materials to coordinate with any décor and meet multiple storage needs from magazines to craft supplies, from toys to toiletries.

Holiday Storage containers make the job of un-decorating so much easier when you have place to put every item. Ornament boxes, wreath and tree storage containers, gift wrap organizers and more will also make next season’s decorating tasks a snap.

Underbed Storage is a clever organizing solution to limited closet space – so often an issue in NYC. Storage boxes and bags can hold everything from shoes to sweaters to gift wrap.

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