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Why I Chose Work Life Harmony

A few years ago I was constantly striving to create balance between my work and personal lives. It was an uphill battle as I frequently found myself having to take a step back to re-adjust. Why… because there wasn’t any balance. Those personal activities like more family time, me time, time to explore new hobbies,… Continue Reading »

E-mail Organization

According to a 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report, the average employee receives 147 e-mails per day. Yes, that’s per day! No wonder it’s one of our most daunting organizational tasks! Here are 4 proven email organization tips from your professional organizer in NYC that will allow you to gain and maintain control over your inbox… Continue Reading »

6 Tips for Organizing Success

While many of us have the best of intentions when it comes to organizing the pile of magazines cascading off the coffee table, figuring out how to better utilize our storage space, or making room in the closet for winter clothes, it can be difficult to begin the process.  This is the topic I discussed with a… Continue Reading »

Tips for Eliminating Clutter in NYC Homes

Whether your home is a 4-bedroom townhouse or a 400-square-foot apartment, eliminating your NYC clutter will maximize your living space, save you time (and often money), and reduce anxiety. A major first step in getting and staying organized, eliminating clutter in your NYC home can seem overwhelming, but by breaking it down into manageable steps,… Continue Reading »

What to Keep–NYC Professional Organizer Tips for Managing Paperwork

Professional organizers in NYC are frequently called in by clients who need help with managing paperwork. In addition to developing and implementing a system for tracking and filing paperwork as it flows through your home or business, managing paperwork also includes archiving your files and knowing what you don’t need to hold on to. As… Continue Reading »

Using Apps to Get Organized When You’re On the Go

The number of online tools and smart phone apps to help you get organized has expanded greatly in the past few years – there’s an app for just about everything. Professional organizers in NYC advise taking advantage of technology to do the things you need to more quickly and efficiently. The list below is based on professional and user reviews, but always do your own research and evaluation to be sure you’re choosing the right apps to get organized.