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Professional Organizer Tips for an Organized Handbag

An organized handbag pays off in simple yet important ways as any professional organizer will tell you when sharing handbag organizing tips. You can find your keys or your bus/subway card when you need them. Your receipts are in one place, ready to be filed. Your credit cards, ATM card and ID are safe, helping… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer Tips to Make Every Day Earth Day

We celebrate Earth Day this week, but there are lots of ways to incorporate the spirit of Earth Day into your home and habits on a daily basis. Whether it’s easy and efficient recycling solutions, green shopping ideas, or great products made from recycled materials, here are some professional organizer tips to jump start your… Continue Reading »

10 Professional Organizer Time Management Tips

Time is finite; tasks are infinite. Hence the need to maximize productivity. The concept of time management is a myth. No matter how organized we are or how smart our tools, we each have only 24 hours in the day.  So though we talk about time management as means to maximize our productivity, what we’re… Continue Reading »