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Tech Tools to Organize Your Email Inbox Today

Juggling all of the emails and tasks on any given workday is no small feat. Utilizing some of the many tech tools on the market that are designed to simplify your life are beneficial for all businesses. You can use tech tools to organize, to automate, and to increase efficiency and productivity in the office. Here are this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s suggestions for tech tools to manage your email.

FollowUpThen. This tool is designed to keep you organized by helping you remember to follow up on an email or set of tasks within an email. Instead of saving emails in your inbox that you need to follow up on, you can send these emails using the FollowUpThen system to come back to you at specific times. This then allows you to file that email away and not have to worry about tracking it down later. It’s free for most email programs, with an option to upgrade if necessary.

IFTTT. Tech tools and apps are created to make your life easier, and this tool is one of the best at making things simpler! This program allows you to connect specific emails with different programs and create specific actions. IFTTT, or “If This Then That,” creates what they call recipes to trigger actions. For example, you can create a recipe that takes any email that you star and add it to Evernote. You can create a recipe that takes specific emails and adds them to a Google Spreadsheet or to your Todoist account. You can use it in so many ways to automate different steps of your business.

Hiver. If your work team uses Gmail as your main email program, then this extension is great for you. This allows you to share the labels that you have created with your team members for easier collaboration and to turn your inbox into a helpdesk. You can share emails by adding the shared label to them, even if those on your team did not originally receive the email. This is a less complicated way of collaborating than to forward numerous emails to your whole team. You can also share notes and templates so you can explain what is going on in a specific email thread. It’s a great tool for teams!

Mailbird. This tool is specifically for Windows users and is designed to simplify all of the important tools you use daily in your business. Within this email app, you can bring in your calendar, task list, and messaging apps, so that everything you use regularly is all in one place. You can customize how it appears on your desktop, too. This is a great tool to help simplify the browsers and programs you have open on your computer, allowing you to stay efficient.

SimplyFile. This tool is great for Outlook users and makes it easier to organize and file your inbox. You can create a toolbar that shows your customizable files, and when an email comes in, you simply drag it to the appropriate folder. The perk to this app is it also allows you to organize and file away emails you’ve sent – something that is often forgotten! This app also has the ability to turn emails into tasks and appointments, along with using an advanced system to begin to learn and to adapt to your personal filing habits.

This NYC Professional Office Organizer urges you to simplify and try these different email tools to manage your workday in a more efficient manner. For more email management tips and office organizing strategies, reach out to me today!

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