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The Best Way To Keep Your Art Studio Organized

Keeping your art studio organized allows you to perform at your best. Maximum creativity flows through your space when you can easily access your supplies. If you find it challenging to keep your studio orderly throughout the creative process, it may be time to declutter your area—especially if it’s affecting your art business.

Keeping your art studio neat will save money and time, allowing you to become more productive! Explore some of the best ways to keep your art studio organized so that you can perfect your creative space and improve your process.

Donate Your Supplies

Sometimes the best thing you can do is go through your supplies and take inventory. This way, you can see what supplies you need or what items you have too many of. Many times, artists have bought too much of the same paint, pen, or canvas and need to shed these excess supplies. If you find that you have too many art supplies, donate them!

Plenty of public schools, art programs, and other artists in the community could use an extra paintbrush or two. If you have other artists working in your studio, you can donate your extra supplies or store them in your shared supply closet. Before donating, ensure these supplies are in good condition and ready to use.

Think Vertically

You never realize how much time you spend searching for your supplies until you’re in a time crunch. Whether you’re trying to finish a commission or tackle a collaborative project, maximizing your space is essential to creating a successful and effective art studio.

Thinking vertically instead of horizontally will save you a lot of time and stress as you organize your studio. Saving floor space allows you to work more comfortably and invite more customers to your studio. Installing ready-to-assemble furniture using seamless connectors will give you a more secure hold than loose shelving. After all, you want to prevent your supplies from falling in the middle of the night!

Repurpose Your Items Into Containers

If you have extra mason jars, tin cans, or cups, you can use those items to store your pencils, markers, paintbrushes, and more! You can even use this storage opportunity to express your creativity by decorating them with labels. However, if you don’t have mason jars or cans, you can find some at your local thrift store. Alternatively, you could repurpose mugs or cups that you don’t use often.

Label Your Boxes and Bins

The best way to keep your art studio organized is by labeling your boxes, bins, and everything else! Labeling your organizational containers will save you time spent searching around and looking for a specific tool, material, or art medium. These labels will also keep you accountable for putting things back in their proper spot.

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