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The Key to Effective Holiday Time Management from Your NYC Professional Organizer

holiday time managementDo you remember when the holidays were all about spending time with friends and family, relaxing, reminiscing and enjoying one another? It seems as if we’ve all become so focused on making the holidays bigger and better – trying to do and see more in a limited amount of time – that we’re missing out on what makes this time of year so special.

With some helpful holiday time management tips from this NYC professional organizer, you’ll learn how to simplify and make the most of the season; allowing you to enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Worry less about doing more and make the most of what you can, and what you really want to do!

Be Selective

It’s okay to say “no,” or turn down an invitation. Our NYC professional organizer points out that everyone’s busy during the holiday season; they’ll understand if you’re unable to make it to a particular event. Make a to-do list of all the things you and your loved ones enjoy most about the holiday season and stick to it! If a particular event interferes with an activity you’ve given priority to, don’t do it – and don’t feel guilty. Consider where your energy, time, and money are best spent. Make the 2013 holiday season the most meaningful yet. This doesn’t have to be a selfish rule; consider giving back to your community as a family/group of friends. The time you spent doing something good for others may just turn into one of your most memorable activities.

The Calendar is in Command

Once you’ve prioritized your holiday to-do’s get them on the calendar trying wherever possible to avoid lots of less minute scheduling changes.   The fewer alterations there are to your calendar, the better you can focus on the events and activities at hand – and the more you’ll enjoy them! As always, our NYC professional organizer reminds you to be sure to post this calendar where all family members can see it. If you’re planning events with family and friends outside of your home, consider sharing your calendar with them so they’ll also have a consistent reminder of when particular events are planned. When creating your holiday calendar, look at your children’s school calendar, work schedules, etc. to ensure you’re incorporating all potential parties, school performances, and volunteer activities. Be sure to be realistic with your holiday schedule. Allow for commuting time, long lines and other obstacles which could potentially derail a tightly-packed schedule. And our NYC professional organizer reiterates that a “no” reply is totally acceptable.

Honor Holiday Organization Tactics

Our professional home organizer in NYC helps you spend less time wrapping, searching, sifting through papers, and rushing around by getting strategic with your holiday organization early on. Catalogs and coupons can pile up this time of year, greeting cards fill our mailboxes and everything needs a place to go – especially if you’ll need to locate these items in the future. Consider a special location for those coupons that could be used for holiday gifts. Keep catalogs together for price comparisons, and move those greeting cards from mile-high stacks to a creative display the whole family will enjoy. Our professional home organizer in NYC recommends creating holiday files you can refer back to each year and reference if needed. These files could contain gift receipts, warranties, special holiday recipes, even lists of gifts you’ve purchased in the past, just so you don’t gift someone with the same item as in years past. Other holiday files could also contain seasonal decoration and craft ideas; even if it’s something you may not be able to get to this year, at least you have it filed for use the next holiday season.

Keep you and your family’s priority list top of mind and get organized now with these tips from your NYC professional organizer to make the most of this holiday season.

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