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Time Management Apps to Keep Your Productive at Work

There are many apps and tech tools available designed to help you manage your time productively, and ultimately help you stop wasting time in unnecessary places. Here are some apps suggested by your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

Toggl. There are many time tracking apps and tools out there, but this is one of this Professional Organizer in NYC’s favorites. Effective time management occurs when you are clear on exactly how much time you spend on each project or task, as well as how much time you are spending on tasks that aren’t related to your work. With Toggl, you are easily able to hit a timer and track each task that you are doing so you can see the big picture of where you are spending your time.

Forest. This app encourages you to put down your phone so you can focus on the current task. The great part of this app is that it is a visual mapping of your productivity – using trees! Here’s how it works: whenever you are ready to focus on a task, click the app and build a tree. The tree grows during the time you are working and staying off your phone. If you leave the app, the tree dies. You can grow an entire forest for a visual representation of the time you stay focused and productive. A perk to this app – they’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to also plant real trees!

Mind42. If you find yourself staring at a blank Word document and struggling to get your ideas out, try this app. Mind mapping helps increase productivity, allowing you to get more organized by focusing your thoughts. When you are able to put your ideas into something that makes sense, not only will you get clarity, but you will also save time by having a focused goal.

Pocket. It’s very easy to get distracted while on the internet. What was supposed to be a quick read of a local news article can turn into hours of browsing. Instead, try this app! All you do is click a button on your phone or device, and articles are automatically saved to a list that you can access at a later time. You can collect plenty of articles that can be read while waiting for a meeting to start or on your train commute home.

Launchy. Instead of wasting time searching for files stored somewhere in your computer, or remembering the access path to files you use most often, this app makes it easier. You can launch folders, files, and documents that you use most often during your workday with just a few keystrokes, providing you quick access to what you need most.

Test these tech tools out and see what works best for you and your business! For more hands on strategies and support with time management, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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