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Time Management Products for Increased Productivity

Setting yourself up for success includes surrounding yourself with tools and products to help you achieve your goals. As you work towards improved time management skills and increased productivity, try utilizing one of these tools suggested by your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

Timeular. This is a tool designed to help you track and understand how your time is spent so that you can improve your productivity. This device sits on your desk and connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth in order to track the data. There are 8 sides of this device, and each one can be personalized to represent a different task. You can swap out tasks so you aren’t restricted to just 8. As you analyze the data from the device, you’ll be able to get valuable insights so you can make appropriate changes to your daily routine and activities.

Miracle TimeCube Timer. This physical timer is so easy to use that it doesn’t require the use of buttons or dials to set the time. All you need to do is turn it and it starts. The timer can be used for 5 minute, 10 minute, 20 minute, or 25 minute intervals. Following the Pomodoro technique of working for an interval of 25 minutes followed by a break of 5 minutes, you can adjust this timer to fit your needs.

Do not disturb sign. I know it sounds simple, but don’t underestimate the power of a basic request! Try out one of these do not disturb signs for your office space. Put it up in your office window or hang it on your door when you want quiet time to focus on your work. This lets your co-workers know when you are busy working so that they can respect your time and leave any requests of you for later. For more personalized options, don’t forget to check out Etsy.

Books. Want to learn more about time management? The best way is to read any one of the best-selling Time Management books on the market. This NYC Professional Office Organizer recommends digging into some of her favorites, such as David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Another great read is Laura Stack’s What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do: Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day. Setting yourself up for success in the office is more than just implementing time management tips and strategies. It also includes having access to the tools that you need to be successful.

Use this list to find products that fit your personality and your business, and then watch your productivity increase! For more hands-on support, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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