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Tips for a Clutter Free Desk with the Professional Organizer in NYC

Picture this: you walk into your office in the morning and head to your desk. There are piles of paper everywhere. You can’t locate a pen. The clutter on your desk has piled up and there’s no space left for you to work. How does this make you feel? Your desk is not conducive to a productive work environment. You need help! This Professional Organizer in NYC understands the cluttered desk problem and is here to provide the help you need. Check out these tips to get your desk under control and clutter free!

Start from scratch. The first step to any masterpiece is to start with a blank canvas. Clear off your entire desk and then put back only the items you use all day long. This includes your computer or laptop, your phone, an inbox and outbox, and maybe one or two pictures. That’s it! Keeping items off your desk leaves space for you to work and create.

Purge what isn’t needed. This is a great opportunity to look at what you have on and in your desk and get rid of items you no longer need. Throw away old notes that are no longer applicable, get rid of office supplies that don’t work or that you don’t use, and move personal items that have been on/in your desk to a shelf or desk drawer away from your work space. Keep only items that you currently use in your desk.

Figure out a flow. Utilize the drawers of your desk for your office supplies and files that you use regularly. Think about each item and how important it is for your day-to-day tasks. You want quick access to items you use often. So put supplies like pens, staples, paper clips, whatever items you may use most often in a top drawer. Use drawer dividers inside drawers to keep supplies separate and organized. Don’t clutter your drawers just for the sake of getting stuff off your desktop!

Tips to remember:

  • Items that you don’t use often can be stored elsewhere in your office, like a filing cabinet or a shelf.
  • Make sure every item has a home. If things don’t have a home, then all of a sudden your desktop will become the home for everything!
  • Take a few minutes at the end of every work day to put items back into their proper places. Don’t save it for tomorrow. Do it now so when you get into work in the morning you can immediately focus on the day’s first priority!

Remember that picture I described above of a cluttered desk that hindered your productivity? By implementing these strategies from your Professional Organizer in NYC, that desk will no be longer be part of your reality! If you need more hands on help, then check out what a professional organizer can do for you.

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