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Tips for Keeping Your Workspace Clean

There is no better time to adopt several cleaning tactics than right now during the coronavirus pandemic. You might be gearing up for a return to the office or maybe you are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future; either way, a clean desk is necessary. A clean workspace will not just ensure that you stay healthy, but it can also boost your productivity. Follow these tips for keeping your workspace clean ahead.  

Disinfect a Few Times a Day 

Given how easily germs can spread, it’s important that you clean regularly. This means not only having disinfectant wipes handy, but it also means using them throughout the day. Everything from your phone to your keyboard should be wiped down to ensure that you aren’t exposed to COVID-19.  

Dust Your Desk 

In addition to disinfecting your desk a few times a day, you will also need to make sure you are dusting. Technology is prone to collecting a lot of dust. The best way to dust without damaging a screen is to use a microfiber cloth on the surface.  

Stay Organized 

Staying organized is easily one of the best ways to keep your work area clean, whether you are at home or in the office. There are so manyways that you can effectively organize your office and it all starts will color coordination.  

Don’t Eat at Your Desk 

An easy way to make a mess at your desk is by eating at it. The current guidelines in many companies requires that you eat at your desk. If this isn’t the case in your office, make sure you are still practicing safe social distancing precautions.  

Have an Easily Accessible Trash Can

Not having a trash can is one of the most common culprits for why people can’t keep their workspaces clean. That is why you need to make sure you have one that is easily accessible, so you aren’t tempted to leave trash elsewhere.  

By using these tips for keeping your workspace clean, you can ensure the safety of those who are around you and find a new way to stay productive during this time.  

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