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Tips for Packing for a Road Trip


file1661238517583One of the best parts of planning a summer vacation is the variety of experiences to choose from. You can choose a long vacation overseas, a weekend getaway to a resort, or even a day trip to a local attraction you have yet to visit. One fun way to spend some time this summer is taking a road trip. Whether it’s a simple trip a few hours away or a several day drive, road trips can often be fun and spontaneous.

The key to a successful road trip, however, is planning. Without taking some time to get organized, this Professional Organizer in NYC warns that you may not have quite as an enjoyable of a time as you had hoped for! Here are a few tips to help you stay organized if you are traveling by car this summer.

Plan your route. Though it might be exciting to just get in the car and take off, most of the time you are going to want at least a loose plan in place. Decide your end destination and then sort out the best route to take before you leave. With today’s technology, you can use a GPS or even a map on your cell phone to plot out your route. However, it’s important to remember to bring all the chargers you might need, and pack a back-up paper map just in case your phone or GPS battery dies, breaks, loses service, or gets you lost.

Pack snacks. If you will be in the car for several hours, you might find yourself tempted to binge on vending machine junk food at a rest stop. Instead of wasting your time and money, plan ahead of time to pack drinks and snacks that are healthy and energy boosting and you won’t spend valuable getaway time waiting on line to pay for your chips and soda.

Prepare for an emergency. Any number of things can happen when you are behind the wheel of a car. Before you head out, take your car in to be thoroughly checked, including the air in the tires, air filters, and even have your oil changed if you haven’t recently. When you head out, it’s important to have a few things in your car in case of an unforeseen emergency. Make sure you have a spare tire and jumper cables. If you have towing or another roadside assistance program on your car insurance, make sure you have the contact information in your car so you can immediately call and get help if you need it.

Decide on some entertainment. Whether you have a car full of children, adults, or even just traveling on your own, have a plan to provide some entertainment. Pack some extra CD’s or load your favorite songs on to your portable music player. You can bring a portable DVD player for your backseat travelers, fun quiet activity games for little kids, or even play some road trip games like finding license plates from different states. It might also be a good idea to research locations along your route that would be fun to check out. This allows your passengers time out of the car to stretch and look around. After several hours of driving, everybody can use a little break from the car.

Pack for the trip. Think about items you will need specifically for a road trip. Think about things like sunscreen and lip gloss, because even in a car you can get burned. Have napkins, hand wipes, and trash bags easily accessible. As for your luggage, think about packing light, since space in your vehicle may be limited. Make a list and pack just what you’ll need for the days you will be away. Pack items you’ll need during the trip in easy, accessible locations in your vehicle, saving the deeper trunk space for items you won’t need as often.

A road trip can be a fun way to see and experience new surroundings. With a little preparation and organizing with these tips shared by your Professional Organizer in NYC, you will be ready to enjoy your own road trip this summer!

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