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Tips on How To Go Green With Your Small Business

Staying on top of your office tasks, clientele, and organization can be exhausting. Remembering where all your essential files are and making sure your employees are environmentally responsible can be confusing. Here are some tips on how to go green with your small business.

Clear Out Your Space

When going green in your office space, it’s essential to understand what needs to change and improve. Removing any unwanted clutter is a great start.

Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are a classic addition to your desk space but aren’t environmentally friendly. Consider using a reusable bottle and installing a water filtration system. It’ll help reduce plastic waste while keeping your water clean.

LED Light Bulbs

Using LED light bulbs is an excellent alternative in your office space. By swapping to LEDs, you’ll save energy. LED lights contain no mercury or other toxic gases in case you accidentally drop and shatter them. They last about five times longer than regular light bulbs.

Clean With Green Products

While cleaning out clutter, cleaning your surfaces with green products is a plus. They’re more expensive, but also more concentrated, so you’ll save more money over time. Cleaning with green products also helps improve health, reduces allergic reactions, and benefits the planet.

Going Digital

When looking through tips on going green with your small business, a progressive choice is moving your documents and files onto a digital platform. Digitizing your business documents speeds up efficiency, makes documents more accessible to employees, and keeps them adequately secured.

Removing paper from your daily operation also helps cut down costs on supplies while going green. After the bulk is maintained, consider adding desk organizers to optimize your space.

Recyclables and Add-Ons

Instead of using single-use supplies, consider switching to reusable goods such as recycled paper products, ink cartridges, and recycle-based furniture.

A big bonus is to add separate plastic and paper bins. Having your recycling pre-sorted makes it easier to reduce waste.

Going green isn’t a new concept but rather an important one to sustain the planet. Making environmentally friendly choices helps us move towards a greener and cleaner world.

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