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Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen and Bathroom

032What’s the one thing that you struggle with most when it comes to organizing your home? Most people will probably agree – it’s what to do with the clutter! We all accumulate so much stuff and if we don’t find a home for it right away, it can quickly pile up and we lose control of our space. Two key rooms where clutter can quickly take over are the kitchen and the bathroom.

This Professional Organizer in NYC recognizes that a cluttered home can be overwhelming. Here are some simple steps you can take to rid your kitchen and bathroom of clutter once and for all!

The kitchen is such an easy space for clutter to pile up. It’s so easy to come home from a long day, throw your keys and the mail on the counter, make a quick dinner and not put away the ingredients – see how fast it can add up? But you can take back control of your countertops, and it’s not complicated! One tip towards clutter-free kitchen counters is to start with the cupboards. Often when the counters are full, it’s because the cupboards are, too! By reorganizing what is in each cupboard, getting rid of all expired items, and grouping like items together, you will find some needed space for those excess items on the counter. You can read more kitchen organizing tips here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother room in your home where the clutter can pile up fast is the bathroom. Because most bathrooms are fairly small and don’t come equipped with adequate storage space, clutter can be a big problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few home organizing tips, you can create a calm, clutter-free space. One simple tip to get you started is to go through your cabinet space and drawers with a critical eye. Throw out any item that’s expired or that you never use. Don’t give up valuable real estate for those “someday” items! For more bathroom decluttering tips, check them out here.

When you think about spending some time decluttering your home, you probably groan a little and feel like it is just too much effort. But if you start with the tips this Professional Organizer in NYC has shared today, you will begin to take back control of your home! A decluttered home is free of stress and anxiety, and becomes the sanctuary that you deserve. So get started decluttering your kitchen and bathroom today!

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