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Tools To Help You Organize Your Workspace Surface

Does your workspace feel cluttered and cramped? A messy desk or workbench can leave you feeling unproductive and distracted while you’re trying to work. Whether you’re working from home or simply wish to clean up your home office, here are some helpful tools to help you organize your workspace surface.

Laptop and Monitor Stands

Laptops and computer monitors can take up a sizeable portion of your desk and workspace. By utilizing a laptop or monitor stand, depending on your type of device, you can free up an extra layer of space underneath this tech. These stands offer a convenient way to store notebooks, tablets, and other smaller workspace accessories within reach. That way, you can grab them whenever you need to take quick notes at your desk.

Pen Holders and Organizers

There’s nothing more frustrating than searching in every nook and cranny of your workspace for a writing utensil and not being able to find one. On the other hand, you could also have too many pens and pencils taking up space and cluttering your desk. Order a pen holder and organizers to hold all your writing utensils in one place. Try sorting them by categories of pencils, pens, highlighters, and any other types of writing utensils you have at your desk so they’re always within reach when you need them.

Wall-Mounted Accessories

Does your workspace currently feel cluttered with papers, accessories, planners, and more? Consider utilizing the vertical space in your office by investing in wall-mounted accessories. Get organized by hanging wall-mounted file holders and baskets to fit pens, pencils, and other accessories. If you need extra space to write, consider hanging a planner, calendar, or whiteboard as well. These are perfect for taking quick notes and making reminders for the workday.

Floating Shelves

Another way to utilize the vertical space in your office is to add floating shelves on a nearby wall. Floating shelves come in assorted sizes to support small office accessories or larger and heavier decorations. If you want to keep items nearby but don’t need them within arm’s reach, adding them to a floating shelf is a fantastic way to clear some extra space.

Don’t let a disorganized desk bring your productivity levels down any longer. Utilize these tools to help you organize your workspace surface to give yourself a clean space to work that won’t cause distraction.

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