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Using Online Tools to Organize Events

Do you find the thought of organizing an event – no matter the size – absolutely intimidating? Or, do you consider yourself an event planning aficionado? Either way, all of the event planning tools around the web could be of great organizational benefit to you!

Utilize these online tools to make planning your next party or organizing your next event seem simply effortless:

Invitations – This is where your event guests will get their first taste of your fine soiree. Don’t disappoint… Impress! And a fun way to do this is by designing your own e-invitation. E-invites can be used for anything from an industry-wide meeting to the office holiday party or even to help organize your family’s annual reunion. Sites like Evite and Paperless Post allow you to be as creative as you like when designing the perfect invitation for your next event.

Guest Management – Managing who’s attending your event is, arguably, one of the most challenging aspects of party organization. Not to worry, there are many online tools available to help organize your RSVPs! If you utilized Evite to create your event’s invitation, you’ll also be able to manage your RSVPs with it – it’s simple, electronic, and in real time. You can even allow your guests to add their own invites and enable commenting. If your guests are active on Facebook, consider posting your event there as well. With Facebook, you’re reaching out to your event guests where they already are online, so they’re not having to take a lot of extra effort to respond to your invitation. With Facebook, you also have the option to utilize the site to attract extra attendees. Much like videos and articles, events can go viral when shared on Facebook – as friends of attendees see what events the people they follow are going to, they may show interest in your event too.

Event Logistics – Does your event’s success depend on other’s participation? Perhaps you’re organizing a community charity event… For times like these Sign Up Genius could become your best friend. This site can help you organize volunteers and donations – you’ll know who’s going to be where when, or who’s bringing what where. All of those little details that can drive you nuts become organized in this one space! If an event spans any extended length of time – such as Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) events lasting the length of a school year – the calendar on Sign Up Genious can become especially useful. When your event requires ticket sales, Eventbrite may be your answer. Eventbrite helps organize ticket sales and also incorporates PayPal, so your guests know their accounts are safe and secure when purchasing tickets.

Any way you look at it, online tools can be your saving grace when organizing your next event… So, what are you waiting for? Get busy organizing your next memorable soiree!

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