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Using Online Tools to Organize Events

Do you find the thought of organizing an event – no matter the size – absolutely intimidating? Or, do you consider yourself an event planning aficionado? Either way, all of the event planning tools around the web could be of great organizational benefit to you! Utilize these online tools to make planning your next party… Continue Reading »

Six Professional Organizer Tips for Time Management in NYC

We’ve all had that thought that we could use more time – more hours in the day to get through all of our tasks, to exercise, to get more sleep, to enjoy time with our family and friends. But since more hours in the day seem unlikely, time management tips and strategies can help you… Continue Reading »

The Key to Organizing for Time Management in NYC – Say No

As we head into the Fall season, we often find increased requests for our time: volunteer needs, charity fundraisers and projects, and holiday events all compete for this precious commodity, emphasizing the need for good organizing and time management in NYC more than ever. And though these requests are often for worthwhile endeavors, we simply… Continue Reading »

Procrastinating in NYC? Time Management Skills from Your NYC Professional Organizer Help

We have all been there.  Seated at our desk with a laundry list of tasks that need to be addressed but we just can’t seem to get started on that day’s top priority.  As we sit gazing at organizing solutions detailed in the task list in front of us, our much tested NYC organizing and… Continue Reading »

Time Management: Organizing Your Schedule So Its Balanced

I recently heard Laura Vanderkam, author of “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think”, speak at a NAPO-NY meeting about time management and organizing tasks/activities.  She got me thinking about how much time I really have each week and how I’m spending it.  Once I subtract time for the 2 largest time consuming… Continue Reading »