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Virtual Home Office Organizing Case Study: Back at the Desk

With our busy lives, especially if you’re a small business owner, it can be challenging to keep both your business office and home office organized. This was the case with my client who is a talent agent. Due to her long workdays, it was becoming more and more evident that her home workspace was out of control. It had reached a point that she hadn’t seen the top of her desk in years and it was time to tackle the piles. We met virtually for less than 2 hours to create and implement a virtual home office organizing strategy that would have her back working at the desk and not on the couch.

Before:  Re-organizing her home office had been on my client’s radar for the past few years. With the passing of time, the desk and surrounding space had gotten more and more cluttered with piles of papers, unopened mail and documents to file. The piles kept growing as she was too tired to deal with them over the weekends. When the work from home mandate when into effect, she was forced to setup shop at home. This meant sitting on the couch and using the coffee table as her workstation because she didn’t know the best way to get started on decluttering her desk and didn’t know where to start.

After: Since my client had a good filing system setup, we quickly tweaked it by assigning specific file categories to each of the 2 drawers and shifting the folders accordingly. With this in place, we started sorting the piles on the desk in a very systematic way. Papers were filed, shredded or tossed as needed and the piles were gone. A folder was setup for paperwork that needed to be addressed and individual file folders like for bills to pay were collected in it.  A system for opening the mail in a timely manner was instituted and all items like her business checkbook that needed to be returned to her business office had a designated storage location.  In addition to our virtual home office organizing session, my client addressed a number of tasks on her own to get this project completed.

Here’s what my client has to say about this project: “Stephanie Shalofsky and The Organizing Zone came to my rescue. She has figured out a way of working virtually to help people like me get things done. She is extremely patient and came up with customized ways to get my life and my desk back in order.

With Stephanie’s help, everything is where it should be. My desk is now an actual desk, all my papers are organized, and I am actually sitting at my desk right now typing this message on my computer. Thank you!”

Re-organizing your home office can be done virtually and may be another option for you to consider. Reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today to discuss how virtual home office organizing can you address your organizing challenges.

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