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Virtual Home Office Organizing Success

My client, who is an attorney, recently transitioned to starting her own company as a business coach. She is currently working from home and needed a designated home workspace. The aesthetic was important so simple, efficient systems would be important for managing her workspace. In addition, her coaching information, reference materials and client files would need to be re-organized for quick access. We scheduled 3 virtual home office organizing sessions for this project and got started.


My client’s desk for the immediate future will be the end of her dining table. She is using the bottom shelves on the bookcase adjacent to the table for business information and materials. Paperwork and coaching materials were piled on the table, the printer was on the floor behind her chair and space was needed for storing reference materials. The real challenge was at dinner time. Lastly, systems were needed for managing the space.


During each of the virtual sessions, we focused on a specific aspect of the workspace. We started by relocating personal/family items, reference materials and supplies to a shelf in her walk-in storage closet. All paperwork that was related to tasks to be done was organized and put in the appropriate, color-coded folder. We promptly identified a number of end of day tasks that would ensure the table was cleared and her to-do list was updated.

As many of the materials from her coaching program would be referred to when working with clients, it was essential that the contents of the binders be sorted so that they only contained those frequently needed materials.  Once this was done, dividers were inserted and new labels which more accurately described the contents affixed to the binders.


“Working with Stephanie has been a game changer in organizing my business materials and workspace. Stephanie is very experienced, thoughtful and thorough. During each virtual session, she provided direction and came up with right fit solutions that I was able to take action on immediately. After a few sessions together, I have a simple system that works beautifully and as a result, I am more efficient and effective in my business. What a difference it made to work with Stephanie! I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who wants to get organized.”

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