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What 3 Mistakes Result in a Disorganized Home Office?

When I meet with a home office client either virtually or in person for the first time, the snapshot of that moment paints a clear picture of the mistakes they are making managing their space. I might see indecision, procrastination or overwhelm… sometimes a combination of all 3.  Of course, what these challenges look like may vary. What I can tell you is that the result is an unprofessional, unproductive and ineffective home office.  This is our starting point for organizing their space and the good news is that we can overcome these 3 issues so that my client has the home office that they need and want.  As a home office organizer, this is my goal.

Indecision results in clutter.  Papers, office supplies, books and computer equipment don’t have a home and my clients don’t know where to put them, so they are stashed on shelves, in drawers or left in piles. Part of the issue may be emotional. Perhaps they are afraid to make a decision or that they’ll toss something important if they try to sort the clutter. If there is an emotional tie to a document or item, then the decisions are sometimes more difficult to make but action is still possible.

Procrastination results in inaction. Even though my clients who are still making-due working from their sofas hunched over the coffee table know it’s time to make some changes, they don’t. They would rather stay where they are surrounded by piles, wasting time looking for documents. They don’t know where to start to set up a more effective workspace. They don’t know how to proceed should they get started. They dread this task so it’s easier to just postpone it. 

Overwhelm results in paralysis. While my clients recognize the benefits of setting up a more professional and productive home office, the prospect of doing so is sometimes overwhelming. The organizing project seems like it would be too much to do and they just don’t have the time when in reality this is not the case. In other cases, the clutter that has collected due to lack of systems has resulted in chaos and frustration. They are overwhelmed by this and unable to make the decisions necessary to get the organizing tasks started.

Are these mistakes preventing you from having an organized home office?  Reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today with your questions. I’m here to support you.

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