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What Does your Workspace Say about You?

Workspace; office organizer tips and ideas; nyc professional office organizerToday is Boss’s Day. What have you done to celebrate? In honor of this day, you could tackle a task that will not only boost your productivity but will also make your boss’s job easier. To get you started, I’m sharing my favorite office organization tips and ideas.

Your workspace actually says a lot about you, who you are, and how you work. Now, you probably want it to send the most positive message possible. It’s simple to revitalize your office or workspace by following a few simple steps and tips from your NYC professional office organizer; this doesn’t have to be a week-long endeavor. In fact, you may be able to complete some of this NYC professional organizer’s suggestions in just a few minutes’ time today – giving your boss the best Boss’s Day gift possible… The gift of better organization and productivity!

File Flawlessly

  • This key tip is for both physical and digital files. Don’t allow papers or documents to pile up on your desk or in your paper and email in-boxes. Our NYC professional office organizer advises that you process them as quickly as possible by moving them into the appropriate action tray and digital action folder, or file them if in fact no further action is required. Those documents or emails that require your attention now have a home and you can easily locate them when it is time to address the specific tasks referenced.
  • Another trick form your NYC professional organizer: have your e-files mimic the organization style of your physical files; this way, you can access documents quickly so a minimal amount of time will be spent retrieving information.

Negotiate NEEDS vs. Wants

  • This tip has to do with all that STUFF you have on your desk or have tossed into the drawers… This could include things you’ve been given by a co-worker that you feel you can’t part with, items you thought you’d put to good use but never did, like push pins, or things you just plain like having around, like that conference giveaway, even if they provide no value to your work. Our NYC professional office organizer recommends starting by going through each drawer, cabinet, and shelf and asking yourself the question: “Do I really need this?”
  • Then comes the hard part – discarding those items deemed unnecessary. Donate anything that could be useful to others. Return surplus office supplies to the storage cabinet. Keep only one backup of items that you use frequently like Post-it notes or staples.

Go with the Flow

  • Now that you’ve dialed down your workspace to the true essentials, and cleared some clutter with your flawless filing, it’s time to create the best flow possible with the items you have left by following the office organization tips and ideas below.
  • Consider what you need access to most often and store those items in the topmost/most accessible drawer or shelf, and place the remaining items which are used less frequently in drawers or cabinets furthest from your chair.

Positive Personality

  • I think we can all agree a little personality goes a long way – you want your workspace to speak positively about you; albeit not too loudly. A couple of family photos, a fun knick-knack, even a piece of art that speaks to you and/or an indoor plant are all examples of totally acceptable personal items to have in your office.
  • You don’t want to become “that” person in the office people talk about because of their extremely large and eclectic collection of porcelain animals or snow globes. Not to mention, as our NYC professional office organizer would point out, too many personal items contribute to clutter. Keep it tasteful and keep it simple. If you’re unsure about an item, consider what it will say about you to others.

Whether you’re the boss, or you’re working to celebrate a great one on this 2013 Boss’s Day, a lot can be said by putting a little effort into organizing your workspace and improving the message it shares about you!

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