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What Is an Ethernet Coupler and What Does It Do

Not many people realize how often couplers are needed when establishing Ethernet lines. This is because many people often know very little about just how much Ethernet cables are used for and what a great utility they are.

Ethernet cables provide a service to transfer signals from one place to another to transfer data. When this happens, it is called establishing a connection. So, now that we know what Ethernet cables are for, we must ask ourselves what an Ethernet coupler is and what it does so that we can keep a strong connection.

Joining To Lengthen

What most people associate Ethernet couplers with and use them in the same respect is to connect two separate wires together. This is to lengthen your wire for a connection that is building upon itself without having to strain so hard with one singular wire. This is seen happening a lot with businesses or offices trying to splice lines and reconnect too many different lines to keep everyone connected.

Secures Wire

The main purpose is to keep Ethernet together, but just how this happens is more detailed than you might think. Inside each coupler are individual ports that have individual wires that match up with the wires inside an Ethernet cable.

This is made in this way so that they can line up exactly with the Ethernet cable when they meet each individually-separated strand of cable as they align. This ensures that there is a safe and secure connection once the cables meet the coupler to bridge the gap between cables.

Specialized Design

One of the best aspects of the coupler is that they are made entirely for Ethernet cables. This means that they cannot be replicated to be used for anything other than securing and extending Ethernet cables.

This gives your connection the security it needs to maintain connection speed and so that the wire cannot be manipulated for any other purposes. And for these same reasons, you can’t ever have too many on one hand because you might want to enhance your office space and lengthen your line, or even splice it for that matter.

So, if you ever have anyone ask you what an Ethernet coupler is and what it does, then you should be able to answer confidently.

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