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What Products Does a Home Office Organizer Suggest?

As a home office organizer, I have frequently suggesting office organizing products to my clients so that they can better utilize their home workspace. Here are 4 products that work especially well for both those who are newer to working from home as well as those who have always worked this way.

File Box  Whether you have a desk or not, this file box comes in handy.  It is an ideal place for the information related to each week’s must do tasks or projects. If you are working from the dining table and need to clear it each evening, this is the perfect tool for collecting your to-do list, important information and other work-related tasks. This way there won’t be any wasted time looking for paperwork that goes missing. In addition, if you need to periodically shift your work location, it can become part of your mobile desk.

Drawer Organizer  Working from home sometimes requires additional creativity when it comes to setting up an effective workspace. If you are working from a corner of your bedroom or on your dining bar, you don’t have the benefit of a desk drawer for storing pens, post-its and staples. However, you might have space in a nightstand or kitchen cabinet drawer.  Using an expandable organizer like this one will not only maximum the available space but also keep your small office supplies organized.

Small Supplies Storage  If you didn’t usually work from home prior to the pandemic, you may not have had to worry about storing essential supplies. However, now this may be an issue. There small, stackable storage units with pull out drawers are very versatile and can easily fit on a bookcase, desk or in a closet/cabinet.  They are large enough to store paper and also work well for other supplies. Be creative and figure out the best way to use them in your space.

Desktop Organizer  Now that you’re working from home, you may have traded in your large office desk for a much smaller collapsible computer table. With limited desktop space, the challenge is making sure that all the key every day supplies are at your fingertips.  A desktop organizer that has different size compartments can be the most effective. This way there’s room for files, paper and the must have supplies.

What products are you using to keep your home office organized? If you are not sure which product will be best for you, reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today. I would be happy to help.

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