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What Type of Office Chair Is Best for You?

Depending on your job, you could spend up to a third of your day in an office chair. There are many different types of chairs on the market, ranging in price, ergonomics, style, and size. How do you know what type of office chair is best for you? Read on to get an overview of the most popular types out there!

Leather or Executive

These chairs are thick, stable, luxurious, and highly padded. It’s the old-school-looking office chair style that takes up a lot of space and looks fancy. These chairs are comfortable to lounge in and great for anyone that likes the look of leather (or faux leather). However, they tend to be more on the expensive end and, since they aren’t as breathable, are sweatier to sit in for hours at a stretch.

Exercise Ball

Also called balance ball chairs, these seats aren’t much of a chair as they are a glorified giant bouncy ball. Some come with a stand with wheels and a backrest to mimic traditional office chairs. These chairs are great for people with back problems, as it forces you to use your core to stabilize your spine throughout the day. It takes a significant commitment to use these full-time, so you might want to have another chair on standby.


Ergonomic chairs provide both comfort and support. They tend to look more minimalistic than leather ones and have many curves. An ergonomic chair with excellent lumbar support, such as an embody chair, is the ideal choice for those stuck to their desk for hours at a time. Most have mesh or a lighter fabric, making them more breathable than their leather counterparts.


If you already have a standing desk or a high table, drafting chairs are best for you. They make it easy for people to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. It’s lightweight, has a minimal footprint, and still provides excellent spinal support.

Investing in the type of office chair that is best for you is essential, whether you are working from home or are a manager at a marketing firm.

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