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Keep Your Office Meetings Productive

Have you ever dreaded going into an office meeting, feeling like nothing will be accomplished? Unproductive meetings are a drain on your energy, and can mess with your workflow for the entire day. Meetings with colleagues, staff members, and clients are a regular part of doing business, so what can you do? Instead of feeling… Continue Reading »

3 Tips for Tackling Tech Addiction at Work

It can be a struggle to stay productive in an internet-based work culture where your communication and tasks are dependent on the use of email, social media, texting and more. But it’s a fine line between appropriate usage and tech addiction, which is a serious problem in today’s workforce. However, your business has a chance… Continue Reading »

Top 8 Office Organizing Strategies to Improve Productivity

We’ve talked about apps helping to improve productivity at work, and we’ve talked about the benefits of not multi-tasking. But there is more you can do than just that! There are plenty of easy to execute strategies that have helped people improve their productivity goals. This NYC Professional Office Organizer has compiled a list of… Continue Reading »

Break the Too Busy Cycle

Being very busy in today’s work culture is sometimes seen as a sign of success. If you are feeling rundown after a day’s work, then you are doing a good job. But that doesn’t feel good, does it? If you aren’t happy, if you aren’t meeting deadlines, if you are struggling to find time to… Continue Reading »

The 3 Step Approach to Creating a Productive Workspace

Do you know the key to productivity at work? An efficient workspace! A command center is a space where everything you need for your daily work is within arm’s reach. It creates a simplified, systematic work experience and plays an important role in improving productivity. Get started by implementing this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s three… Continue Reading »

Increase Productivity by Minimizing Multi-Tasking

Are you good at multi-tasking? Science tells us that although the brain is an amazing part of the body, it works best when it can focus on just one task at a time. Switching back and forth between tasks, trying to do too many things at once, all require an enormous amount of brain work…. Continue Reading »