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Why are You Stuck and Unable to Clear Clutter?

You have a vision of what your decluttered, organized workspace would look like. All the surfaces are clear. Those essential items that you use daily have a designated spot on your desk. The remaining less frequently used items have a home out of sight that makes sense to you. The problem…. You are focused on all the obstacles and just can’t get the decluttering started. The question is why are you stuck and unable to clear the clutter.

Choose Action and Tackle Clutter

It’s easy to get caught up in what you can’t do, don’t have time to do, and in the overwhelm. This will suck all your energy which will prevent you from moving forward. Instead, think of one small task you can do right now that will stop new piles from forming. It could be sorting the daily mail once it’s delivered. Or moving the subscription deliveries like those cases of water to the storage closet when received. Commit now to doing these small tasks daily or as needed.

Envision Your Ideal Space

When you look at your current space, you probably want to throw up your hands in despair. It’s easier to avoid what’s piled up around you and to focus on work. Instead of ignoring the clutter that is surrounding you and growing by the day, think of your vision for the space. Keep this image in mind as you tackle your daily tasks. Try adopting a new mantra as you survey the stuff right in front of you…ask yourself if it belongs in your ideal space.  If not, either don’t let it in or if already there, remove it. Continue to use this vision as motivation for making a dent in the clutter.

Pace Yourself

Decluttering is typically more like a marathon than a sprint. You may have had the best intentions, been very motivated and dove right in to clear the clutter. However, now the job is only partially completed, and inertia has set in. You’re stuck. This could be because you went into overdrive, tried to do too much in too short a period and hit the wall. Try a more slow and steady approach. Block small chunks of time on a regular basis to focus on clearing the remaining clutter. Get back in the starting blocks and finish what you started!

These strategies will help address the question why are you stuck and unable to clear the clutter. Remember forward motion coupled with positive mindset will help get you started on your decluttering.

Once the decluttering is done, here are some additional strategies for creating an organized workspace. Check out this podcast interview that I did. If you have any questions concerning how to get started, let’s talk.

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