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Why To Clear Digital Clutter

In my recent blog post, I shared my thoughts in response to the “why do we ignore digital clutter” question. Acknowledging the reason for not moving forward with clearing the clutter is the first step in tackling this issue. When faced with a challenging task or task that is constantly put on the backburner, it helps to understand the benefits of completing that task. Knowing what can be gained can help seal the deal and move the task forward. So, if you’re facing the “why to clear digital clutter” question, consider these points.

Improved Productivity

With an uncluttered, organized computer desktop and an easy to navigate digital filing system comes a feeling of control and calm. You will be able to retrieve documents within seconds and know exactly where to file those that must be kept. As a result, you will get more done and have less lost time looking for specific documents.

Less Stress

The sight of your cluttered desktop or list of bookmarked websites can be stress inducing. When you couple that with hundreds of unfiled documents, many with undecipherable file names, your stress level is off the charts. Think about how you feel every time you log turn onto your computer. You haven’t even started tackling your top priorities of the day and you’re already getting stressed. Not a great way to start the day!

Less Distractions

Clutter, digital clutter included, is distracting. It can shift your focus away from the task you were working on. You may start out looking for a specific attachment that you saved to your desktop but end up resuming work on a proposal draft that was abandoned on your desktop. If you spent 10 minutes looking for documents multiple times a day, that could easily add up to 30 or more minutes lost per day.  

These are just some of the benefits of why to clear digital clutter.  From a practical standpoint, less digital clutter means that your devices will work more efficiently. This not only applies to your computer but also to your phone, ipad, etc. If you need a tip or two concerning how to get started, let’s talk.

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