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Winning Winter Organization with Our NYC Professional Organizer on Pinterest

Our NYC Professional Organizer finds much inspiration through Pinterest, the interactive, online, digital pin board. It’s such a great place to share and swap ideas in an easy to organize way – if you haven’t yet set up your Pinterest profile, you’re missing out… But, if you don’t feel like joining yet another Social Media site, we’re here to help by sharing some of our favorite winter organization pins with you!

Here are some ways you can WIN with winter organization, thanks to these fantastic ideas found via Pinterest:

Scarf Organization – If you’re like us, your wardrobe features a variety of lovely and practical scarfs. None of which you can find at the right time… Usually when you’re rushing out the door. Here’s a smart, and very inexpensive DIY scarf organizer, created with a regular hanger and large binder clips. Brilliant!

Scarf organizer

Boot Organization – We may not all have the luxury of a mud room in our homes to collect our muddy and sludge-covered boots, but we can make the most out of a little floor space with this clever boot keeper. It’s built out of an old tray and some river rock. The mud and sludge seeps through the rocks, and stays within the confines of the tray, while the boots drip dry and are put away on their tray.

boot organization

Coat Organization – Many of us aren’t lucky enough to designate an entire closet in our home to coats, which would be ideal. However, our NYC Professional Organizer has found many clever options for organizing your winter coats, via Pinterest, that offer easy access and a touch of style and even functionality…

chalkboard - hoot coat organization

This coat storage/organization option offers an extra functionality – as a chalk board! Thanks to some chalk paint, not only can you store your coats here, you can also leave your loved ones a message. Some simple 3M hooks provide the storage you need. The perfect double-duty addition to your entry area!

old knob coat hanger

Our NYC Professional Organizer loves all of the stylish options this Pinterest storage idea has to offer. Take a simple piece of wood – anything from rustic, to polished would work – and some knobs, in any style, and bring them together with some screws. Voila! Beautiful coat storage, easily customizable, based on the size wood/hooks you use.

mitten & hat storage

Mitten & Hat Organization – This fun Pinterest idea takes your back-of-the-door shoe storage and turns it into storage for your family’s organization solution for mittens/gloves and hats. It’s as simple as that!

We hope these ideas help to brighten your home this winter, and motivate you to put that coat away! Stay warm out there!

If you’d like any custom winter organization ideas for your family, please reach out to our NYC Professional organizer today.

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