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Working with a Personal Trainer for Clutter

It was recently suggested that working with me to declutter your workspace would be like hiring a personal trainer to get in better shape. Having worked with personal trainers over the years, I realized that this is very true. In both cases, the client has a specific goal and needs the guidance of an individual with specialized skills to guide them through the process. Without this, even if they know what to do, they won’t do their cardio warm-up or tackle the piles on their desk. So, what’s it like working with a personal trainer for clutter?

Schedule Meetings

Requiring you to book meetings on specific days to declutter your workspace ensures that the time is set aside and that you are truly committed to the project. With this time blocked on your calendar, work on the related organizing tasks will actually happen for the duration. If this time wasn’t set aside, there’s a good chance it would be filled with other activities.

Clear Goal

Helping you to set very clearly defined objectives before getting started is essential. This starts with identifying the areas to target and the changes that are needed. Whether it’s the paper piles or the overflowing supply room, you should have a singular focus to make sure that the organizing work that needs to be done is addressed. This will also reduce some of the overwhelm.


It’s very tempting to bounce from one pile to another and from the desk to the cabinet while decluttering your workspace without completely clearing all the clutter. Guiding you through a more systematic approach to decluttering is part of the organizing strategy. As you learn this process, the results will speak for themselves.

Develop New Habits

As you’re decluttering and re-organizing your office space, it will be important to learn new systems and develop new routines so that you can better manage and maintain your space. This will be an important priority and a focus during each of the organizing sessions.

Is the process of working with a professional organizer to tackle your office clutter different from working with a personal trainer to get in better shape? Not really… as you can see from above. If you think about getting your office decluttered in this way, it may be easier to get started.

If you have questions about working with a personal trainer for clutter, let’s talk.

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