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3 Common Office Move Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)

Moving your office can bring with it a whole new set of challenges…some that you may have anticipated as well as the unexpected. Here are 3 common mistakes that you want to avoid making during your next office move. This NYC Professional Office Organizer is providing you with the solutions so that your office move can go off without a hitch.

Mistake #1: Appoint a project leader – not a team of leaders.

Solution: Moves by their very nature are very detailed oriented projects with many tasks to be addressed and decisions to be made. Even the smallest of moves can get complex. Having a designated project leader is essential. While there can and should be a small team working with the leader to oversee all aspects of the move, the leader is ultimately responsible for making sure that decisions are made in a timely manner, the team is doing their jobs and that the move goes smoothly.

Mistake #2: Always have a floorplan (even for small company moves)

Solution: Just as floorplans are always done for large company moves, they should also be done for a move to small spaces. Creating the floorplan is a valuable exercise. It not only forces you to make the difficult decisions regarding what furniture and stuff will be moved but also helps identify those items that are no longer needed (so the decluttering can start). In addition, figuring how best to maximize your new space and considering workflow issues which improve productivity are also be part of planning the layout.

Mistake #3: Not handling the tech issues appropriately (and with enough time).

Solution: This is one area that can derail your move if you don’t plan ahead and have a detailed checklist. Making sure that all are current and future needs are communicated to your IT experts during the planning process is imperative. Good coordination and communication between IT and the rest of the move team makes the difference between a move that is seamless and one that is challenging.

An office move is a hectic time for a business, but you can make it simpler for yourself, your team, and your clients by avoiding these common mistakes. For more hands-on office move strategies and support, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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