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3 Office Organizing Tips to Prepare For Time Off During the Holidays

prepare-holidays-1024x500Like many people, you are probably hoping to take some time away from work to enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. Perhaps the idea of taking any time off is overwhelming. You might be cringing thinking about all of the work piled on your desk that will only double while you are away!

It doesn’t have to be this way! Take it from this Professional Organizer in NYC, all you need are three simple office organizing tips that will allow you to breathe easy while you head off to enjoy your holidays.

Fill people in on your plan. The last thing you want to be doing on your time off is fielding emails and phone calls from clients and colleagues! The simplest way to minimize that is by sharing your plans. First, make sure that your team and co-workers know when you will be gone. Decide who will be covering for you while away, and discuss any projects or specifics that they’d need to know well in advance. Next, set up your voicemail with a detailed out-of-office reply. Make sure to include the dates you will be away so that you can set expectations and won’t be receiving calls wondering if you are back in yet. Also, leave contact information for someone else in your office who can be a point of contact if needed. Set up a similar response for incoming emails.

Prioritize your tasks. Create a list of what needs to be done between now and when you come back to the office. Separate those tasks into those items you absolutely must finish before you leave, what you can delegate to others, and what can wait until you return. Focus your time on those tasks that only you can complete. Give yourself a leg up on your return by creating a to-do list now of the tasks that will need your attention when you get back.

Organize your space. The last thing you want to do on your first day back at work after a relaxing time away is dig through the clutter on your desk. Before you head out, take some time to organize your office. File any paperwork, put office supplies back into your drawers, and leave your desk clear. Don’t forget to do the same thing with your voicemail and email, too. Clear out any voice messages and get your email processed so all new mail received before you leave is addressed. When you return, you’ll be able to focus on calls and emails that came in while you were away rather than weed through what you already had saved.

Whether you choose to work on your holiday break is completely up to you. But by implementing these office organizing tips before you leave, you’ll be able to step away for some much needed time to relax and celebrate with your loved ones. Ready to get your office organized? Contact your Professional Organizer in NYC.

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