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3 Small Office Organizing Shifts For Big Impact

The general idea of “organizing your office” is big and vague. It’s not very specific so it can is overwhelming to think about all the tasks you need to do to get organized! Instead of focusing on that larger concept, focus on the small daily shifts you can make which will have a big impact on your daily productivity. Here are 3 small shifts your NYC Professional Office Organizer
suggests you implement immediately.

Don’t Let Your Inbox Take Over Your Day

If email consumes a large chunk of your workday, one of the most important shifts you can make is to schedule time for email processing at specific points during the day. Close your inbox, turn off your notifications, and only open it during the time you’ve scheduled. When you do open your inbox, process the emails that have collected. If you can respond to an email in under two minutes, do it immediately. Many emails just require a response that it has been received, or to verify that you understand the task and it will be handled. Add new tasks to your task manager as well as any notations to circle back to emails requiring a more detailed response and move on. This help reduce the clutter in in your inbox and make it easier to focus on the latest batch of messages during your next scheduled time block.

Minimize the Paper Pile Up

Once papers start piling up, the piles will multiply! Try this small shift – give yourself 10 minutes at the end of every day to go through your paperwork so you prevent the piles from taking up residence on your desk. File important papers, place items that require action in a priority folder, and recycle/shred anything that you don’t need to save. The goal is to have a clear space on your desk for the next day’s work. By dedicating yourself to the paper pile for small time periods, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the clutter and allow the process to become a habit.

Using a Calendar and a To-Do List are Mandatory

This is the non-negotiable shift in your workday that you must start making! Don’t keep important dates, times, and events stored in your head, or on post-it notes around your office. Get in the habit of putting everything into a calendar. You will always be prepared this way, and you won’t waste time trying to hustle and get ready for a meeting you had forgotten about. Also, make it a habit of adding tasks to your to-do list as soon as they cross your desk. If you wait, you may miss an important deadline that will impact your team’s ability to deliver the final project on schedule.

By implementing these 3 small shifts to your workday, you’ll see a big impact in your productivity and efficiency. For more office organizing strategies and hands-on support, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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