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3 Tips for Better Desk Organization at the Office

An organized workspace creates a productive environment, which is essential for office success. A cluttered desk can distract other people around the office and drain mental energy. Whether you’re a manager improving workplace organization for everyone or an individual seeking an efficient workspace, we have three tips for better desk organization at the office.

Managers Should Implement a Paper Management System

While individual desks are a personal matter, management can help improve overall company organization, especially with loose papers clogging employee desks. Use cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive for digital organization. Create a workflow that every employee follows so that they know exactly where and how to store digital files. Use physical filing systems for essential hard copy documents. Either teach everyone about the physical filing system or put a few trained employees in charge of the physical files. Then everyone will know what goes where.

Employees Should Use Desk Organizers

Many offices feature shared workspaces. An organized desk in a shared workspace has many benefits for the individual using it and everyone who can see it, such as fewer distractions and less stress. When the office gets busy, though, organization is often last on people’s minds. Invest in desk organizers to declutter your individual workspace and keep yourself organized even when you’re busy. Use drawer organizers for small items and trays for writing utensils. You can also designate a tray for papers that need to go into the company’s paper management system we described above. Find the right organizers for your needs to maintain a tidy workspace.

Everyone Should Use Vertical Space

Don’t neglect vertical space. Management and individuals across the office can use shelves, wall-mounted file holders, or magnetic boards for additional storage. Vertical storage can hold important documents and calendars for everyone or personal items around individual workspaces. Utilizing vertical space keeps desks and common areas clear, creating a more spacious working environment.

Following these tips for better desk organization at the office is vital for office success. It’ll help you create an organized and efficient workspace for everyone. Ask your employees or coworkers for additional organizational help if you need extra input.

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