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3 Tips for Staying Organized in Co-Working Workspaces

As the workplace transforms and companies shift from private office spaces to open office concepts, and as employees move from commuting to remote working, co-working spaces have evolved to fit a new need. Co-working workspaces have popped up all over the world and provide their members and community spaces to work both privately and collectively, making it easier for small businesses, freelancers and remote workers to have access to a workspace. Staying organized and productive in these non-traditional spaces requires some strategy. Here are 3 tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer to get you started.

Consider the distractions. Co-working spaces offer various workspace choices from renting a private office to booking time at a shared desk. Knowing yourself and your work habits is essential when selecting the space that will be best for you. If you can stay focused while people come and go around you, then an open seat at a desk might work just fine. The hustle and bustle can have a positive effect on some and keep them on task. However, if you are easily distracted, then consider renting a private office that allows you to shut out the noise.

Know your priorities before you arrive. Showing up at a co-working space without a plan for the day may result in not having access to important information for work that must be done. In order to stay efficient, create a very clear list of tasks to tackle before leaving home so that you can be sure you have all relevant materials with you. This also helps you stay focused as your priorities for the day will be top of mind.

Bring supplies. There are important items to bring to a co-working space that might not be on your list of regular items to remember in your home office or traditional office spaces. Noise-cancelling headphones are important if you want to tune out the other conversations around you. Think about charging cords and cables you’ll need for your devices. Some co-working spaces have extra supplies, so if you do forget something ask and see what they have to borrow.

Whether you are working remotely as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur with your own business, co-working spaces can provide you the physical space you need to do your work and also provide you with the community and networking that will foster future success. For more office organizing tips and hands on strategies for being your productive best in these spaces, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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