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3 Ways to Juggle Volunteer Activities and Work

Finding time to volunteer at local charities or to participate in active fundraising might feel very daunting when you already are working 50+ hours a week. You may WANT to give back, but when? Where? How? It’s tough to find time between the emails, meetings, project deadlines, and the mile long to-do list on your desk. Your NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing a few ways you can find the time to make it happen.

Be Charitable On Your Own

Finding time to support charitable organizations while working a full-time job comes down to one simple thing – prioritizing. If it’s important to you, then time should be scheduled in your calendar. If you wait until a slower period where you’ll have a chunk of time, you’ll probably still be waiting weeks, months and maybe even years later! Start small… keep in mind even an hour a week of your time will be appreciated. Find an organization that looks for volunteers on the weekends or after hours when possible. Not every organization is looking for your time – you can donate physical goods and so much more! 

Donate To Your Company’s Philanthropic Projects

If your company offers opportunities to give back, then join in! This is a win-win. You can easily contribute to the effort without having to take valuable time identifying and exploring possible organizations to get involved in. Many companies offer employee volunteer programs where they encourage their teams to volunteer while on company time. Some offer a matching gift program, where they will match what you donate up to a certain amount. Other companies may be aligned with specific charities for which they volunteer and fundraise throughout the year.

Start Your Own Project at Work

Any company, no matter their size can give back and will look different for every company. Consider local charities that support your community or are affiliated with your specific industry. Work with them to schedule even a small event or a fundraising drive. You wouldn’t do this frequently – that is overwhelming and unrealistic. Instead, focus on hosting a project sponsored by your company on an annual basis. In this type of situation, the project would be on your company’s marketing calendar so the time needed to execute would be part of the regular work week. 

If you are local to NYC, then check out this list of organizations that are always looking for donations. For more office organizing strategies and support, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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