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3 Working from Home Challenges

Based on many accounts, many of us won’t be returning to our offices in the near term.  Life has settled into a routine based around working from home. There are challenges with working this way especially when you have more than one person in a household doing this. We all need home office space where we can effectively get our work done. As a NYC professional office organizer, I have been hearing about many challenges that my clients and business colleagues are facing. Here are 3 along with working from home tips to address them.

Constantly Working.  Working from home doesn’t mean that you sit at your computer from early morning into the late evening day after day. Your workday should have structure just like when you work in your company’s office and have a definitive beginning and end. That means taking periodic breaks during the workday to re-charge and regain focus. At the end of the day, it is important to shift gears and focus on your personal life as well as your health and well-being. A simple walk around your neighborhood is a good step towards creating some balance.

Shared Work/Living Space.  If your home is small, there’s a good chance that your bedroom is both office and bedroom. While that isn’t ideal but necessary, it can be a challenge when your partner is ready for bed and you’re still working. Hopefully this doesn’t happen on a daily basis. For those nights when there is still work to be done, being able to quickly relocate to the dining table so that you can finish up is essential. Creating a mobile office solution will enable you to do so.  This can be easily achieved by using a file box to manage your papers so that you can grab it and your laptop and resume working once settled at the table.

Place for Papers and Materials. If a small table set up in a corner of your bedroom is your temporary desk, there’s probably not a lot of space for those important papers and books that you need to do your work. Even though the setup may be temporary, it’s important to designate a spot for these items so that they aren’t taking up valuable space on your desk. In addition, as the pile grows, it can be distracting. Assess your surroundings… is there a corner of the dresser, space on the floor or spot on the windowsill that you could use?  Depending on the quantity to be contained and size of the space, a vertical file, file folders or file tote could work.

What challenges are you facing working from home?  I’m here to support you. For working from home tips, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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