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4 Reasons You Should Organize Your Office

It’s one thing to write “getting organized” on your list of goals this year, but it’s another to take action and… make it happen. The truth is that many of us are stressed out and overwhelmed with juggling work and home life, and we just aren’t making office organizing a priority. It’s time to reframe organization in your mind and in your business. Start by identifying and focusing on the benefits of office organizing…of which there are many. This NYC Professional Office Organizer reviews 4 of the reasons behind getting organized.

Reason #1: Be more productive

Think about this – being in control of everything around you makes you a more productive person. When you know where documents are and the status of projects, you can get more done with greater efficiency. Is that client file in a jumbled mess on your desk, or is it filed neatly in a drawer, organized alphabetically and possibly even by date? Are you struggling to find a pen in the middle of a client call, or do you calmly open your desk drawer and grab one? There are so many examples, and all of them come down to organization results in efficiency.

Reason #2: Have less stress

Let’s face it: it’s incredibly stressful to replace a document or redo an important task, especially when you’ve already invested the time and money. Being disorganized impacts the other people in your life, too. Coworkers, clients and managers rely on your ability to quickly locate files,
documents, and samples without hemming and hawing. When disorganization takes over, stress levels go up and the state of calm quickly evaporates. With an organized office, you’ll never have to look for a missing item again and never miss an important deadline. What a great

Reason #3: Aesthetic pleasure

A cluttered office is distracting and creates a sensory overload. Papers strewn about, sweaters draped over office furniture, pens all over your desk, pictures and memorabilia scattered about – all of this is overwhelming. Our work- space, whether a cubicle or big corner office, should be professional yet attractive and comfortable at the same time. After all, we spend a good many hours at work, and the ambiance and aesthetics should be pleasing and organized.

Reason #4: Give yourself the gift of time

Being disorganized eats away at your time. With our busy schedules, we can’t afford to spend “extra” minutes trying to locate what we need multiple times during the day. Research shows that the average person spends 2.5 days each year looking for misplaced items. Less time spent locating “missing” items is more time to prepare for the big presentation at work or to make a couple of additional sales calls – or even some extra “me” time!

Understanding why you should have the goal of an organized office is important so that you can help yourself stay on the organized path this year and beyond! For more hands-on office organizing strategies and support, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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