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4 Tips for Staying Organized When Traveling for Work

When you travel frequently for work, staying organized can feel complicated and overwhelming. With a few simple strategies and systems in place, your trip will go more smoothly as you’ll be better organized and more productive. Here are a few office organizing tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer to get you started.

Bring paperwork only if you really need it. If there is a file or marketing materials that you physically need to have in your hands during your trip, be sure you pack them. But otherwise, keep it light on the paperwork. Not only will there be less to weigh down your bag, but you’re less likely to misplace something important. Plan on accessing important documents digitally whenever possible. Use Dropbox or Evernote to store files, or Google Drive to work collaboratively with your team while you are away.

Keep cords organized. When traveling with laptops, tablets, and cell phones, you will need to pack the various cords and cables to stay fully charged on your trip. Instead of throwing everything in your suitcase or carry-on bag and hoping for the best, try using a cord labeler like Cord ID Pro. You can color code items to quickly and easily identify them, too! This not only saves the hassle of trying to unknot the cords when you arrive but makes it easier to do a quick check of your bag before leaving to be sure you have everything.

Don’t bring everything. It can be tempting to pack several items when it’s time to hit the road. You may want to pack your laptop, cell phone, tablet, and any other gadget that you use regularly. Take a few minutes to think about what you will use each item for, and if there’s a way to simplify and bring less. The less you have, the less you need to care for! For example, if you are taking your laptop on a business trip, you may not need to bring a tablet, too, since your phone and laptop are capable of the same functions as your tablet.

Decide ahead of time how you will handle phone calls and emails. Will you have time to keep up on current incoming calls and emails while you are traveling? If you won’t be readily available, use the autoresponder function within your email service to set up an automatic reply to incoming emails. You want your autoresponder to set expectations for those emailing you. Make sure to include that you will be out of the office with very limited email access until a specific date and that all messages will be responded to by that date. If someone else will be handling your business while you are away, add their contact information to the body of the autoresponder. Do the same for your voicemail.

Staying organized when traveling for work doesn’t have to be complicated, all you need are the right strategies and systems in place for a seamless trip. For more hands-on office organizing strategies, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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